Specialists of Clipping Path: PhotoTrims

PhotoTrims is the name of the outsourcing company that is located in Bangladesh. As we are a South Asian company, we offer you lowest cost but highest in quality photo editing solutions ever. This is only possible because of the location of the company as we all know the labor cost of this country stays low. But that does not mean to deliver a low quality work. We have the expertise who have experience of years and they all certified from different institutions. We occupy a whole team of highly skilled professionals who have an enormous gathering of experience in this very field. The basic editing of our company is the Clipping Path. It has been a milestone which has formed the company in a standard level.

clipping path specialist

Clipping Path is the basic editing of our all services. It is a fine work by the Pen Tool of Photoshop. One designer has to be very careful while drawing the outlines over the selected image. To maintain the good quality work we hired only the specialists of the following field. In clipping path service there is difference inside the complexity level. Here is a briefing of these different clipping path services…..

  • Basic or Simple Clipping Path is about simple outlining work, zero complications and 100% smoothly cut out from the main image.
  • Medium or Compound Clipping Path is a little more complicated than simple of course. But our specialists do this path very well and leave it smooth as anything.
  • Complex Clipping Path is the path that starts to get complicated, the edges of the image gets a little more complex in some sense. Though nothing is really hard for our expertise.
  • Super Complex Clipping Path is the super complicated job of the following service. Our designers give their best shot to be the best of this service. And we are proud that our experts do this kind of complicated job done with of dedication that no one can find any error over these several parts.
  • Multiple Clipping Path is the path that mainly deals with color over your subject that you want to clip out. This is a really easy and hard job at the same time but for our experts it is just as easy as pie.

Technology is changing and it has become essential for our company to stay in touch with all the developments as well. That is why the graphic experts employed in the company are provided with in-house training also when new editing software hit the market. This is one of the main reasons why the clients remain grounded with the service provided to them. Most designers are familiar with the different software. They provide professional work even for individuals. Commercial clients like photographers, ad agencies, magazines and newspapers also deal with them on a daily basis.


Quality picture enhancements have made clients from worldwide engage the skilled work force in Bangladesh through the management team of ours. It is easy to get in touch with them via the website www.phototrims.com.


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