Catch Your Customer Attention through the Image

Online base fashion business are blooming day by day, to be a part of modern technology you should adopt latest mechanism for continuing your business. The online fashion industry is one of the biggest growth sectors in the world. If a brand is not available in online then they are really not giving them a chance to increase sales. Being online visibility is must for any new or existing business activities.

In previous we find out a model or, a mannequin represents an outfit by wearing the clothes. Now it’s a trend to make the mannequin invisible for the apparel industry’s certain product photography and the process of hiding mannequin layout from the actual picture is called by “ Ghost Mannequin”.

Neck Joint

For e-commerce business, ready-made garments sector, product (clothing) photographer and so many sector people it is a very essential and usable technique for expressing their product to their online viewer and customer with a help of Ghost Mannequin effect (click if you want to know more about the benefits). Sometime 360 degree view can be act as more attractive visualization for their viewer and may be it not be possible in face-to-face view. Even anyone can get a greater knowledge about a product within a shortest possible time period.

How to get a Ghost Mannequin photo:

For acquiring a ghost mannequin picture you need to take some photograph by putting the apparel item on the mannequin. Another photo should take without the mannequin to show the tag on the back of the item. Then you need to join those pictures by using the photoshop “pen tool”.

This service is commonly known as Neck Joint service because by using this technique the neck part of the appeal is attached together.

How you can order for a ghost mannequin image in online:

If you want to order through online for a ghost mannequin simply selected two or, three images of your specific product with front, neck and back side view. You can choose PhotoTrims as your image manipulating service provider because their skilled photo editing team has a positive long track record in this sector, they are well known for producing invisible mannequin effects on apparel product photography.

Benefit for using a Ghost Mannequin image:

As all know, the fashion industry is one of the fastest rising industries today. If you desire to keep up with this competition, then you need to make sure that you are selling your products sound. This can be done with the help of the ghost mannequin service. It enhances the image superiority of the clothing that you present on your site and this will help to boost the traffic of your site as well, which would mean more currency for your business.

This service will be more helpful for capturing your customer attention like- they can see a 360 degree view, front and back view at a same time and also can get an idea how the outfit will be look like when they wear it. Ghost mannequin shots are also can be used for showing the brand label.

This process can be time consuming if you try to do it by yourself, for reducing your time cost you can utilize the service of photo editing service provider to make your image more attractive and incredible than previous for using it as a business purpose product.


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